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These Jennifer Pudney™ original needlepoint kits will delight you. They are ideal as gifts, holiday projects, or simply to do in front of the television.

Jennifer Pudney kits allow each stitcher the freedom to change and adapt the design, making it truly an original. Their finished size is 15cm x 10cm (6 x 4 inch).

Click on the title to view the whole design and read the description, or add them to your basket straight from this page.

Simply Click on on the Buy Now Shopping Bag.

To purchase directly in the United States from the Needlepoint for Fun website
Click here


All Things Kiwi NZ$45.00 An Ordinary Day NZ$45.00
Bathing Beauties NZ$45.00 Bikini Freedom NZ$45.00
Cafe Girls NZ$45.00 Cat Nap NZ$45.00
Chasing Butterflies NZ$45.00 Cloud Watcher NZ$45.00
Domestic Goddess in Training NZ$45.00 Floating Around in Frocks NZ$45.00
Flower Bed NZ$45.00 Gardeners Bottom NZ$45.00
Hey Diddle Diddle NZ$45.00 Home Is Where the Heart is NZ$45.00
I Wish I Could NZ$45.00 I'd Rather be Gardening NZ$45.00
The Incredible Women NZ$45.00 Like a Red Rag to an Angel NZ$45.00
Line Dried NZ$45.00 Making Waves NZ$45.00
No Worries NZ$45.00 Noahs Ark NZ$45.00
On a Wing and a Prayer NZ$45.00 An Overdose of Devonshire Tea NZ$45.00
Pea Story NZ$45.00 Rapunzel NZ$45.00
Raining Cats and Dogs NZ$45.00 Reaching for the Sun NZ$45.00
Special Delivery NZ$45.00 The Swim NZ$45.00
Tempting Santa NZ$45.00 Wedding Bells NZ$45.00
Wind Dancer NZ$45.00 Wind Dancer (Blue) NZ$45.00
It is with pleasure that we welcome new designers to the Jennifer Pudney world

For more Mary Self Postcard designs see here
Frangipani Paisley
Hearts and Flowers Field of
Jennifer Pudney at Nancy's Embroidery
PO Box 245, Wellington, New Zealand
NZ Free Phone: 0800 PUDNEY (0800 783-639)
ph: +64 4 473 4047, fax: +64 4 473 0919
email: jennifer@jenniferpudney.com
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